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Keeping your bladder healthy

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Your urinary system, or bladder, is pretty important. It filters extra fluid and wastes from your bloodstream, removing them from your body. A lot of us may experience some issues down there. It’s quite common, and not unexpected given how close together all our bits are.

We asked our Pharmacist to give us some top tips to keeping your bladder healthy, and avoid any imbalances.


Drink plenty of fluids.

Drinking fluids helps flush out any bad bacteria. Water is good, and adding a bit of unsweetened cranberry juice can help discourage the bacteria from sticking to your bladder walls.


Food and drinks to avoid.

Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol because they can dehydrate you. And food with high sugar can help feed bad bacteria. So stay away from all these if you’re feeling any bladder discomfort.


Get your gut well.

Bad bacteria from our gut can migrate to the bladder. So if you’ve noticed a lot of gas and bloating you might have a flora imbalance. Digestive probiotics, or fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, or kimchi can help.


Don’t hold off going #1s

If nature calls, make sure you go! Holding on can lead to issues. Try to go every couple of hours – which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re getting lots of fluids.


Avoid perfumed products.

Perfumed bathroom products, and some laundry products that contain fragrances can all aggravate bladder imbalances.


What if I do get an issue down below like a UTI?


We can help. Urinary Tract Infections, UTIs, Cystitis – whatever you call them, it can be pretty uncomfortable.

Many Unichem and Life Pharmacies can offer you a three-day antibiotic course that can help sort it out. Some conditions and a charge apply.

Come in and have a chat and we’ll make sure it’s right for you.


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