Stay@Home Efficiency Boosting Tips

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Navigating the challenge of transitioning from @work to work@home? Or maybe you find yourself motivating the kids in their stay@home learning.

With the bed or couch just metres away it can be tricky to keep up that healthy work ethic. At-home distractions are everywhere and can end up affecting your quantity and quality output.

We’ve gathered some top tips to boost the efficiency in your bubble.


 Find your motivation

While it’s ok to admit that the 3pm double shot latte run was a great motivator in getting you through the end of the work day while you were at the office, we know you can dig a little deeper. Take a moment for yourself and assess what really motivates you. Is it change, variety, your environment? What are your work values – the rewards you get from your work that get you out of bed and excited for the work day ahead. Identify your top 5 motivators and use them to adjust your approach.


Work in Sprints not Marathons

 Avoid a 14-hour marathon working day by designating a window to work hard then take a break to give the brain a chance to refocus. Take a walk, stretch or do some other unrelated task.



Identify the major things from your to-do list for the week and block time in your calendar to do them. There’s no need to micromanage every tiny detail but time-blocking the big things can help give you a little more accountability to get them done.


Co-ordinate and Communicate with your Bubble Buddies

Have an open dialogue with your roommate, partner or anyone else in your bubble about everyone’s best schedule for productivity, and then be mindful of each other. Healthy boundaries make for great productivity, and also hopefully keep all parties involved happy with each other.

Get Dressed

Guilty of spending a little too long in those Pj’s or that unicorn onesie? While its important to be comfortable, its also amazing how getting up and dressed can tell your brain its work time not relaxation time and give you a lot more energy.

Create your Space

Working from the couch or bed may seem tempting but it really can affect your productivity. Find yourself a consistent workspace where you can set up all the tools you need and personalise it to your liking. You will feel more alert and organised and ready to get stuck into the task at hand.


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