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Tips for a healthy makeup bag

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Healthy makeup contributes to healthy skin so here’s how to maintain a healthy makeup bag.

Makeup, like food, has an expiry date that’s important to note. Most products will have a jar symbol on the packaging that tells you how long the product will last once opened. 'M' means ‘months’ so 12M means your product will last 12 months from opening.

It’s a really good idea to dispose of makeup after its expiry date. It may no longer do the job it’s meant for, plus bacteria that accumulates can cause skin irritations, break outs and infections. 

Cleaning your makeup tools should also be an integral part of your beauty routine. Regular cleaning can help remove old makeup, dirt and debris, dead skin cells, bacteria and oils. Cleaning makeup brushes keeps them soft as well (useful for sensitive skin). Brushes which are used daily should be cleaned once a week.

If you don't use a brush and apply makeup with your fingers, be sure to wash your hands before use. Instead of directly touching your makeup, try pouring a little into your palm or use a disposable spoon or applicator to limit the amount of contact you have with the product in the bottle.

If you’ve got any questions about your current makeup or would like to add some new items to your makeup bag, come into your nearest Unichem for advice and a great selection.

Kobe – Unichem Beauty Advisor