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Hush, little baby

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Here’s some details on these conditions:


All babies cry - it’s a fact of life. But when your baby is uncontrollably screaming for hours on end for no obvious
reason, it could be a sign of colic. Your baby is not alone - 5 to 19% of infants are affected - and it can be an absolute nightmare for mums and dads. Colic is often diagnosed using the ‘rule of three’: a baby that cries for three or more hours per day, at least three times per week, within a three-month period. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of colic, doctors agree it’s a sign of digestive issues. Colic generally improves on its own, but if you’re pacing the floor with a hysterical baby, have a chat with your Pharmacist and find out which colic treatments are best for your little one or if a trip to the Doctor might be necessary.

Nappy rash

Nappy rash can make babies really upset. Luckily this common rash, which can leave young skin red, 
spotty and sore, is easily preventable by:

• Changing nappies regularly - always change a soiled nappy as soon as possible. A disposable nappy 
can take a few ‘number ones’ before it needs changing, but it shouldn’t become so full that the 
inside of the nappy (the part that touches the baby’s bottom) is damp

•  Embracing nature - free your baby’s bottom! At least once a day, let your baby enjoy time 
without a nappy. If it's a nice day take them outside for some fresh air (Don't forget the 
sunscreen!), but if you’re inside, simply pop a towel under them to catch any accidents

• Wiping sensitive skin with a damp cloth and applying a high-quality barrier cream such as 
Sudocrem during every nappy change (the Aveeno baby range is also great).

Nappy rash is usually caused by damp skin, but teething, changes in diet, diarrhoea or sickness can 
also play a role. If you’d like to know more, talk to your local Pharmacist.