Protect your family this Flu season

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Here are eight simple tips to keep your family fighting fit this flu season:

• Ensure your medicine cabinet is fully stocked with  supplies - your Pharmacist can recommend the most effective cough, cold and pain relief treatments for  you and your family

• Rest and relax – although easier said than done for busy parents, rest is essential. Stay home from work/school, put on a Disney flick for the kids and take an afternoon nap (many flu medicines are specifically designed to aid with sleeping). Your body will thank you for it!

• Always use tissues when coughing and sneezing, or  cough/sneeze into your sleeve or elbow if there are no tissues close by
• Ensure everyone washes their hands regularly with soap and water, and uses hand sanitiser before eating and after using the bathroom, coughing or sneezing

• Keep your home as clean as possible - wash sheets and towels (every couple of days when sick, otherwise every week), replace toothbrushes (as soon as you’re on the mend) and wipe kitchen and bathroom surfaces regularly to stop the spread of bacteria • Boost your immune system with over the counter supplements such as vitamin C, echinacea, vitamin E,  zinc or a multivitamin

• Drink plenty of water and stock the fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables

• Don’t share glasses, utensils, food and toys until the whole family is better.