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Have you heard about the Prescription subsidy card?

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Do you and your family get more than 20 subsidised prescription items* in a year?
You may qualify for FREE Prescriptions with a Prescription Subsidy Card.

*Items are the number of medicines prescribed per prescription

Many medicines are subsidised by the government. The government prescription charge (co-payment) is a contribution people pay towards the cost of the medicines they receive.

Once you have paid for 20 new subsidised prescription items for your family from 1 February each year you won’t have to pay any more standard prescription charges for the rest of that year (to 31 January).

The great news is, you can reach the 20-item threshold by combining subsidised prescription items with your partner and dependent children aged from 13 up to 18. As there is no prescription charge on items for childrenunder 13 years, these items can’t be counted as part of the 20 prescription item threshold.

Just let your local Unichem Pharmacy team know the names of the people in your family and they can help keep track of how many subsidised prescription items you've paid for.

Not all medicines are fully subsidised by the government. Some exclusions apply. If you have any questions about prescription charges, have a chat to your Pharmacist.